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By enrolling at Made of Music you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. 

| Tuition Fees | 

Tuition fees are required to be paid in full before the first lesson of each term. Please see our fees & calendar page for the amount due for each term. ​

For group courses, the full amount must be paid before the course begins.​

‘Learn With a Friend’ lessons (maximum 2 students) can only proceed when enrolment forms and tuition fees are received for both students.​

Tuition fees do not cover the cost of sheet music, books, materials and exam entry fees. ​

Tuition fees are non-refundable, except in the case of cancellation by the school. 

A 5% discount can be applied to:

  • Tuition fees for students taking lessons on a second instrument at Made of Music.

  • Tuition fees for lessons taken by additional students from the same immediate family.

**Tuition discounts do not apply to ‘Learn with a Friend’ lessons, group courses or Pop Choir.

**The discount will be applied to the lesson(s) of lesser amount.  ​

Made of Music reserves the right to raise fees at the beginning of each new academic year. ​

Payments can be paid via bank transfer, cash or cheque. Please ensure the student's name is included when making a bank transfer. Bank details can be found on the bottom of your invoice.

| Lessons | 

Payment must be made for all lessons/classes, whether taken or missed. ​

A timetabled lesson missed by a student for whatever reason is forfeited.

*Exemption to this rule will only be considered in the case of certified illness or family bereavement. A lesson or lessons missed by a student due to these reasons will be rescheduled to a suitable time. 

All other timetabled lessons missed by a student will be considered forfeited and will not be rescheduled for another time. 

If your lesson qualifies for re-arrangement then a specific time and date will be agreed with your teacher. If this re-arranged lesson is missed the lesson is then forfeited by you and a credit / refund will not be awarded.

In the event of teacher absence, Made of Music will endeavour to arrange a suitable substitute teacher. If this is not possible, the lesson will be made up at a later date, before the term ends.​

Lessons will not take place on the following bank holidays dates: 

- Monday 5th February (St. Brigid's Bank Holiday)

- Monday 18th March (St. Patrick's Bank Holiday)

- Monday 6th May (May Bank Holiday)

- Monday 3rd June (June Bank Holiday)

Private and 'Learn with a Friend' lesson tuition fees will be adjusted to coincide with Bank Holidays. Pop Choir is a fixed rate per term regardless of Bank Holidays.

If a student is late for a lesson they will receive only the balance of the lesson duration.

‘Learn with a Friend’ lessons, group lessons and choir rehearsals cannot be rescheduled for an individual absence.​

Made of Music reserves the right to change timetables or teachers if necessary. ​

In the event of closure in exceptional circumstances that are beyond management control (i.e adverse weather conditions, government mandated closures, etc.), refunds cannot be offered. All classes will be moved online until we can safely reopen again.

Enrolment | 

Enrolment for private tuition and 'Learn with a Friend' lessons aligns with the Primary School Academic year. Students are automatically enrolled for 3 terms - Autumn, Winter and Spring. The Summer Term is optional and subject to availability. Please see our fees & calendar page for more details. 

Enrolment for Pop Choir is completed each term. 

Students working on grades 5-8 are required to enrol for 45 minute lessons at a minimum. 

Suspension or termination of lessons requires 4 weeks notice in writing. This allows the necessary time to fill that empty lesson slot. ​​

Tuition fees are non-refundable. ​

For group courses, no refund is available for students that withdraw after the course begins. Made of Music reserves the right to cancel any group course because of insufficient enrolment.​

Made of Music reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, overdue tuition payments and/or non-compliance with Made of Music terms and conditions. In such a case, tuition fees will not be refunded.

| Child Safety & Supervision

All Made of Music lessons will take place on 3rd floor, Block C, Century Court, 100 Upper Georges Street, Dún Laoghaire, from August 2023.​

Please make sure that students arrive on time for lessons and are collected promptly upon completion. Made of Music staff are not responsible for the supervision of students outside of lesson times. ​

To discuss student progress, parents are welcome to talk with the teacher at the start of the lesson but not afterwards, in order to respect the next student’s time slot. ​

Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while at Made of Music lessons. Respect for fellow students, teachers, equipment, resources and facilities are imperative.​

Student illness: if a student is not well enough to attend school, then they are not well enough to attend their lessons at Made of Music. If a child appears unwell, the teacher may ask that the child be taken home.  

COVID-19: If a student has been advised by the HSE to self-isolate/restrict their movements or the government requires school closure due to COVID-19, all lessons will be moved online. ​Please see our COVID-19 Safety Policy for more information on this.

Communication & Practice Expectations |

Communication with adult students or parents is normally through email or text message. Please ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for you and please check your emails on a regular basis.​

A student’s progress is determined by dedicated practice. Students are expected to practice regularly and more importantly, effectively!​

All students enrolled for instrumental lessons/group courses must have an instrument (or regular access to one) to practice at home.​

Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Try to create a quiet space at home for practice, and help to set a regular practice routine.

By enrolling in Made of Music you agree to abide by the terms and conditions detailed above. Made of Music reserves the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions.

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